Archive | May 2011

Too Long


Today I created the class that controls the player’s character.  It didn’t take much work as I used the same code from the other balls on the screen and just added movement based on the values of the accelerometer.  Right now it’s just simply PlayerXPosition + AccelerometerXAxis with no filtering of the accelerometer values since it is not needed at the moment as I’m using the sensor simulator.  I hope to get everything coded out within the week so the game has basic functionality, after that I plan to add visuals (score, lives, menu etc.), then i’ll see if I make my own graphics or use simple shapes.  Finally after it’s done I want to go back and clean up the code as the GC fires so many times, fix the code for player ball movement. Pretty much just optimize it for flawless play.  The final step will to be change it from using simulated values to real values, it will be the very last step so I can then test it on a real device.