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Today I created the class that controls the player’s character.  It didn’t take much work as I used the same code from the other balls on the screen and just added movement based on the values of the accelerometer.  Right now it’s just simply PlayerXPosition + AccelerometerXAxis with no filtering of the accelerometer values since it is not needed at the moment as I’m using the sensor simulator.  I hope to get everything coded out within the week so the game has basic functionality, after that I plan to add visuals (score, lives, menu etc.), then i’ll see if I make my own graphics or use simple shapes.  Finally after it’s done I want to go back and clean up the code as the GC fires so many times, fix the code for player ball movement. Pretty much just optimize it for flawless play.  The final step will to be change it from using simulated values to real values, it will be the very last step so I can then test it on a real device.


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About jjyap

I'm an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. A lot of the fun projects and research that I work on are Computer Vision and Machine Learning related.

2 responses to “Too Long”

  1. DWong says :

    Good plan. Are you on target to finish? The program come with a hit test function that you can use or do you have to program it yourself? Also, if it does come with a hit test function does it have a bounding box similar to Flash which causes minor problems because the object you have is round and there will be white spaces in your bounding box. If the white space in the bounding box touch, you’ll get a positive hit test.

  2. jyaps says :

    If the accelerometer works fine on the device then i should finish on time. If not I just won’t use fancy graphics to save me some time from making them. Java doesn’t have a hit test but I can just use Pythagoras to compare the points of the circles and not worry about using a square bounding box to check for the collision of a circle.

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