Commencement was so long but highschool is finally done with so here we go with my recap of this whole project.

When Mr.Wong came up to me and suggested that I make a game for the android OS I said, ” Sure, why not?.”  This was probably like taking someone with no driving experience, putting them in a car and saying okay now go and race in the Indy 500.  Honestly had I known how difficult it was from the start I probably would have chosen something else but then again, got to live up to Mr. Wong’s high expectations plus it was a good challange.

Going into this the only thing I knew was that okay games are made in Java so I’m probably going to use Netbeans to make this game, so then I fiddeled around for a good day when I realised Eclipse was the way to go so I made the switch over.  Once I had it finally set up and the emulator working that felt like such an accomplishment little did I know the emulator is difficult for real time apps and for that alone I would never ever ever make an app from scratch like this using only the emulator; it’s just way too difficult and you’re better off with the hardware.  I thought about it and I could have saved atleast 1/2 of my time if I just had a phone, not having the accelerometer and having to emulate that and then the laggyness of the emulator itself was just horrible.  The only time the emulator would be fine is just making an app, a real-time game however is just a huge no-no.

So much of my time was spent just learning.  Pretty much, I would go look at tutorials and sample games and just see how to do it.  The programming part itself wasn’t anythign knew, that’s what I’m good at it was just finding out okay so what is an activity and how do I use it.  Having made a Breakout game for the computer using java in the past I literally took the class I made for the Ball and the Player and copied and pasted them right into my DodgeEm game so that saved me some time.  From there it was just piecing stuff I was learning together as I went along.

I still have many more ideas for this game so who knows, maybe one boring summer day and you’ll see a version 2.1.


About jjyap

I'm an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. A lot of the fun projects and research that I work on are Computer Vision and Machine Learning related.

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