Why do more when you can do less.

This has pretty much been my driving motivation, trying to optimize all my code to have the fastest runtime possible.  Before when I was running ZS’s thinning algorithm I was reading straight from the Matrix using the CvMat get and put methods.  I thought that maybe there was speed to be gained if before I converted my matrix into a two-dimentional integer array so I didn’t have to work with double values that the get and set methods provided.  I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

The decrease was rediculous, and I still wonder; could it possibly be even optimized more?  I’ll probably still play around with it and find out but I can definetly apply this to my A* algorithm.



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About jjyap

I'm an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. A lot of the fun projects and research that I work on are Computer Vision and Machine Learning related.

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