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So I’ve tried Scheme which is a dialect of Lisp.  I haven’t got into anything deep, just basic recursive functions to get used to the completely different syntax from Java and C++.  That’s the nice thing about Java and C++ I find if you know one you pretty much know the other, like all languages though are important nagging differences like setting up libraries and what not what but I guess that depends on the IDE or environment.

Anyways back to Lisp, not sure what I think of it, doing everything recursively is a good brain exercise and it seems you can write powerful code quickly in a short amount of time.  Why you would choose to though over Python and it’s many libraries I’m not sure but who knows, maybe It will grow on me.  Apparently it’s big for AI but I’m not sold on that…yet.

A cool thing I found out is you can actually make android programs in Lisp, who knew?

There are some really cool things in the works right now but they’re super secret at the moment (patents etc.) but as soon as that’s  taken care of there will be a lengthy write up of the system and an app release!


About jjyap

I'm an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. A lot of the fun projects and research that I work on are Computer Vision and Machine Learning related.

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