Where should Kylie Jenner live in Vancouver?

Television personality, socialite, model and now world renown scientist Kylie Jenner posted some of her interesting and cutting edge research to the top-tier journal known as Twitter a few days ago.

Her findings are interesting, the decline of the honeybees, adverse health effects and THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN; it’s obvious more and more pilots being bought off to secretly turn on the chemtrail switch in their cockpit. In the interest of finding a place for Kylie Jenner and her kids (does she even have any) to live a healthy, chemtrail free life I’ve gone ahead and found the safest place in Vancouver for her.

Using software defined radio it is possible to pick up the Mode S signals some airplanes emit to obtain their location and altitude. Using my cheap setup and dangling the terrible quality antenna out my window it was possible to pick up these signals on 1090MHz using dump1090 and logging the output to file using netcat.


If we plot the data we can begin to see patterns where planes are most concentrated over the skies of Vancouver (Areas of interest highlighted in red).

The upper region is paths planes take while landing at YVR and the lower region are takeoffs. Lower planes obviously mean higher concentrations of these chemicals being showered over us and you want to avoid. It looks like West Van to Coquitlam and onwards are the safest places to avoid exposure to these unknown chemicals.

(Note: My antenna sucked and couldn’t pick up signals around the Richmond area but since the airport is right there you obviously don’t want to live there. This data was also captured from noon today until 11pm so in no way is this dataset large enough. In case I had to explicitly state this, this is in no way accurate, I just wanted to test out some cool things to do with software defined radio while I waited for my deep learning features to extract, I probably spent more time on this than I should’ve though. I ended up mapping planes overhead and see what kind of air corridors there are above me and noticed some cool trends like where planes tend to land and takeoff.)

One useful result from all of this is that if you live in the highlighted areas you’ll probably have to deal with the constant drone of airplanes overhead, especially in the takeoff area where they are throttled up. Something your real estate agent won’t tell you!


About jjyap

I'm an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. A lot of the fun projects and research that I work on are Computer Vision and Machine Learning related.

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