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Dark Knight

After months and months of struggling with random connection drops and a flaky internet connection I finally got so fed up with my previous router I bought the baddest one out there.  I tried previously to save my old one by messing around with OpenWRT, I don’t know if it was the atheros chipset or what but my log would constantly fill up (~6 entries per second) and after a few hours it would finally give up and needed to be hard reset for it to work again.  I looked through the bug reports of OpenWRT and I wasn’t the only one who had this problem and subsequent updates didn’t do anything to solve it.  This is probably a case of getting what you paid for since it was a pretty cheap router but I’ve noticed that all the cheap low end routers use atheros chipsets and ones with broadcom chips cost a fair bit more.  Although I can’t fault Qualcomm since I haven’t tried any of their more expensive ones I decided to buy a broadcom router since Tomato only supports those chipsets.

I’m sure the default ASUS firmware is great and all but I flashed it straight away to Tomato shibby mod and it has been smooth sailing since.  It has so many features I’ve been messing around with, so far I’ve set up QOS which actually does make quite the difference, samba filesharing and dnsmasq. I have had great uptime since I bought it and hopefully it stays that way.